Archaeological Research Day at the Instituto Cervantes de Atenas

Next December 1st, an Archaeological Research Day on “Mediterranean Connections. Present and future perspectives of Spain research in continental Greece and the Aegean” will be head at the headquarters of the Instituto Cervantes de Atenas, organized by the Instituto and the Embajada de España en Grecia.

In this Conference, the results of the research projects that different Spanish institutions are developing in Greece will be presented, with very interesting interventions by Manuel Arjona Pérez, Adolfo Domínguez Monedero, Leandro Fantuzzi, Adolfo Fernández Fernández, Jorge García Sánchez, Horacio González Cesteros, María Paz de Hoz García-Bellido, Guillermo Pascual Berlanga, Antonio Manuel Sáez Romero and Juan Signes Codoñer.

Our congratulations for this initiative that allows the dissemination the Greek scientific community to the research of Spanish archaeologists in Greece, orphans of an Escuela Española de Historia y Arqueología en Atenas, similar to the Escuela Española de Historia y Arqueología en Roma (EEHAR-CSIC), that allows them to promote, develop and socialize their research projects.

More information:…ntinent/155600

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