Document Database

The Iberia Graeca Document Database aims to be a large collection of information and images, ordered and updated, of all the Greek material documents found on the Iberian peninsula, with the aim of offering historians dealing with the ancient world an instrument for reconstructing the historic processes concerned with the Greek presence, colonisation and trade and the interaction phenomena with the local societies.

The Iberia Graeca Database will permit fast access to typological, chronological, iconographic and contextual identifiers for every piece, as well as photographic or graphic reproductions. However, the Database does not aim to offer an in-depth study on each piece or its context: it is a search and consultation tool by means of crossed references that enable the initial information that could serve for future research work to be brought together quickly and with updated information.

The Iberia Graeca Database has been designed to cover the entry of all kinds of objects including ceramics, terracotta, bronze, architectural features, epigraphy, numismatics or jewellery. It is currently set up specifically for the “ceramics” category. The files and fields that refer to other categories will be introduced in the near future.

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