Instituto Cervantes de Atenas

Since 2012

Since 1992 the aim of the Cervantes Institute in Athens is to spread the language and culture of Spain (and Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America) at Greece. Among the cultural activities programmed by the Cervantes Institute in recent years, were those related to the Greek archaeological heritage in the Iberian Peninsula. From the moment of creation of the Iberia Graeca Centre, the Cervantes Institute in Athens has the organization that has channelled diffusion and the relationship of Iberia Graeca with Greek archaeological institutions and Greek society in general. In this regard, included the presentation of the initial project in November of 2008, within the framework of the celebration of the Emporion Conferences, on the occasion of the commemoration of the centenary of the beginning of the archaeological excavations of Empúries. Also the official presentation of the Centre and its different lines of action, in March 2012, which had the participation of the Greek Association of Archaeologists. Collaboration between the Cervantes Institute of Athens and Iberia Graeca will in the future continue bringing the mainland Greek archaeology Greek society and promote research projects carried out in Greece from the Centre.
Instituto Cervantes de Atenas
Skoufa, 31 - 10673 ATENAS
Tel.: +(30) 210 3634117 ext. 6021 |  Fax.: +(30) 210 3647233

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