Professor Arturo Ruiz receives the Gold Medal of Merit in Fine Arts

(Image: Manuela Sánchez-MAN)

Doctor Arturo Ruiz, Professor of Archeology at the University of Jaén and member of the Scientific Council of the Iberia Graeca Centre, has been awarded the Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts, in his gold category, given by the Ministry of Culture and Sport in its 2019 edition (Real Decreto 742/2019 of December 20, BOE 306 of 21 / XII / 2019). This medal is the recognition of his university teaching years and his research and socialization of the Iberian culture. Together with him, three more people related to Archeology and Prehistory have also been awarded the same medal. Ms. Pilar Palazón, President of the Association Friends of the Iberians, and the doctors María Ángeles Querol, Professor of Prehistory at the University Complutense of Madrid, and María Eugenia Aubet, Emeritus Professor of Prehistory at University Pompeu Fabra. Our most sincere congratulations to all of them.


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