Dead Hellenist Francisco Rodríguez Adrados

On July 21, at the age of 98, Professor Francisco Rodríguez Adrados, one of the most prestigious and internationally renowned Spanish Hellenists, died in Madrid. He was Professor of Greek Philology at the University of Barcelona and the Complutense of Madrid, member of the Real Academia Española, the Real Academia de la Historia and the Academia de Atenas, as well Premio Nacional de las Letras in 2012. Tireless researcher of the Greek language and culture, its scientific production is enormous (translations, essays, articles, monographs...). His works include the monumental Diccionario Griego-Español, a dictionary of Greek language authorities from Mycenaean times tot Late Antiquity, of which eight volumes have already appeared. This work will continue to be published to the team created by Professor Rodríguez Adrados at the Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, which continues to work on the project.

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