Feast of the Vasilopita 2020

As every year, the Greek Community of Catalonia has celebrated the Feast of the Vasilopita on the occasion of the beginning of the new year. The party took place in Barcelona on February 16 and had a large participation of the members of the Community.

The Iberia Graeca Centre has participated in the Feast of the Vasilopita with the donation of several lots of books on classical archaeology, published mainly by the Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya. The books, along with the rest of the gifts offered by other institutions and companies linked to Greece, were raffled among the attendees. The party ended with traditional Greek music of the group Trio Feta and Rembetiki Company of Yannis Papaioannou.

More information about the Greek Community of Catalonia in: https://comgregacat.net

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