II Encuentros Mediterráneos España-Chipre

Polis. Asociación Hispano-helénica de Málaga has organized, for the second consecutive year, the “Encuentros Mediterráneos España-Chipre” whose objective is to make known the history and culture of Cyprus and Greece in Spain, especially in the south of the peninsula, taking into account tells of the role played by the eastern and western ends of the Mediterranean as gateways and bridges of relationship between the societies of the past. The “Encuentros” are made up of a cycle of conferences that began last March 23 with the intervention by Elías Eliades “The archaeological treasures of Cyprus. The Cesnola Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of New York”, followed by the conference on April 27 by Eva Latorre “Microhistory of the Greek Revolution: Spaniards and Cypriots in the Greece Independence” and that by Eduardo García Alfonso, on May 18, “Cyprus and the first navigations in the Mediterranean”. Next June, the conferences “From the foam. Poetry from Cyprus for four voices”, on June 7, by Vicente Fernández González, Rafael Herrera, María López Villalba and Ionna Nicolaidou and “The difficult journey. Cyprus from independence to the present day (1960-2023)”, on June 22, by Roberto García Alfonso. The conferences are given in the Assembly Hall of the Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País in Málaga and have the support of the Embassy of Cyprus in Spain.

 More information: http://www.seapmalaga.es/ii-encuentros-mediterr%c3%a1neos.html


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