Myths, Gods & Heroes. Greek Vases in Portugal

With the title Myths, Gods & Heroes. Greek Vases in Portugal/Mitos, Deuses & Heróis. Vasos Gregos em Portugal (2022), three volumes of the catalogue dedicated to the homonymous exhibition that will be held in the future at the Museu del Convento dos Lóios in Santa Maria da Feira have been published. The objective of the work is to show a selection of the best Greek pottery found in public and private archaeological collections in Portugal. Volume I (302 pp.), after a biographical note on the great researcher M. H. da Rocha Pereira (1925-2017), is divided into two parts; the first about the awakening of Archaeology and collection in the 19th century in Portugal, and the second about the new paths and contributions to follow for a historical and iconographic reading of Greek vases. Volume II (306 pp.) is also divided into two parts; one dedicated to the different Greek pottery productions from an archaeological approach, and another to specific studies on iconography, typology and workshops of Greek vases, as well as examples of restoration, conservation and 3D modelling techniques. Volume III (335 pp.) is the catalogue of the exhibition itself, which includes 309 Greek ceramics from the Cycladic period (end of the third millennium) to the Hellenistic period and the bibliography used.

55 researchers of different nationalities participated in the publication, coordinated by the editors of the work: professors Rui Morais, Rui M. Centeno and Daniela Ferreira. The edition, by the Museu Convento dos Lóios (Camara Municipal de Santa Maria da Feira), the Reitoria da Universidade do Porto, the Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto and the Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra, is excellent in all the aspects (design, binding, color printing,…).

Our congratulations to the editors, with the hope that we can see this exhibition materialize soon.

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