Published issue 40 of Lucentum journal

The Department of Prehistory, Archaeology and Ancient History of the University of has published issue 40 (2021) of the journal Lucentum. Anales de la Universidad de Alicante. The first issue of this journal appeared in 1982 with the aim of publishing scientific works of quality and interest, original and unpublished, referring to the knowledge disciplines of the Department. Currently, Lucentum is one of the reference journals in Spanish archaeology thanks to its rigorous periodicity, the excellence of the articles published and the maintenance of its paper edition in addition to the digital format.

In this number 40 we highlight, for its theme, the articles by Martín Almagro-Gorbea, Alberto J. Lorrio Alvarado and Mariano Torres Ortiz “Los focenses y la crisis de c. 500 a. C. en el Sureste: de La Fonteta y Peña Negra a la Alcudia de Elche” and by David Vendrell Cabanillas “Bañistas en una cratera de cáliz falisca conservada en el Museo Nacional de Dinamarca. Una propuesta de lecturas”. Congratulations to the editors of Lucentum on their 40th anniversary.

Articles from issue 40 of Lucentum can be downloaded for free at this link:

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