Published Volume 6 of the Journal of Greek Archaeology

Last December, Volume 6 of the Journal of Greek Archaeology (JGA), corresponding to the year 2021, was published by Archaeopress (Oxford) and directed by Professor John Bintliff of the University of Leiden. This issue is made up of 14 articles on the Archaeology of Greece, Crete and Sicily that range from the Mesolithic period to the Byzantine era, in which no Spanish or Portuguese researcher has participated. The volume is completed with 19 reviews of different monographs published between 2015 and 2020. Among these reviews is the one by Fabienne Marchand of the book by Marta González González, Funerary Epigrams of Ancient Greece: Reflections on Literature, Society and Religion (Bloomsbury Publishing, London 2019) and the one by Dorothea Stavrou of the book by María-Paz de Hoz, Juan Luis García Alonso and Luis Arturo Guichard Romero (eds.), Greek paideia and local tradition in the Graeco-Roman east (Colloquia antiqua 29, Peeters Publishers, Leuven 2020).

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