Published Volume 7 of the Journal of Greek Archaeology

Journal of Greek ArchaeologyLast November, Volume 7 of the Journal of Greek Archaeology (JGA) was published by Archaeopress (Oxford), corresponding to the year 2022. This issue is made up of 16 articles on the Archaeology of Greece, Crete and other Aegean Islands, Cyprus and Corfu, with chronologies ranging from the Bronze Age to the Modern Age. It is necessary to highlight the archaeological studies of the landscape of Crete, Aphidna or Corfu, with a diachronic vision of the occupation of the territory. For their interest to us, we highlight the articles by Corien Wiersma, Philip Bes, Mink W. van IJzendoorn, Adam Wiznura and Sofia Voutsaki “New observations on the pediments of the early Classical temple of Aphaia on Aegina and on other works by the Aphaia architect” and by Hansgeorg Bankel “What do terracotta figurines in a sacral context reveal? The case of the Aphaia sanctuary on the island of Aegina”. The volume is completed by 15 reviews of different books published between 2015 and 2021.

Like the previous JGA volumes, the scientific direction has been carried by Professor John Bintliff of the Leiden University. And as in the previous volumes, there are no articles by Spanish and Portuguese researchers.

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