The city lived on the shores of the Mediterranean: a vision in time

Between the 8th and the 10th of March it was celebrated in Mazarrón (Murcia) Phicaria. VIII Encuentros Internacionales del Mediterráneo. La ciudad vivida a orillas del Mediterráneo: una visión en el tiempo, organized by the Universidad Popular de Mazarrón, the Universidad Internacional del Mar, the Universidad de Murcia and the Ayuntamiento de Mazarrón. These Courses, directed by Sebastián Ramallo and Milagros Ros, professors of Archaeology of the Universidad de Murcia, with José María López Ballesta of the Ayuntamiento de Mazarrón, they are an important reference in peninsular archaeology. Intended primarily for university students of Archaeology, but also for anyone interested in this discipline, the Meetings are published annually in an edition of excellent quality.

In this sense, at the opening ceremony of this year's Meetings, the Proceedings of the VII Encuentros, held in 2018, which dealt with the La recuperación del patrimonio arqueológico sumergido: problemas y propuestas. Where they are collected nine articles of great interest, among which Carlos de Juan Fuentes emphasizes by its theme: “La arquitectura naval griega de época Clásica, un vacío en el conocimiento”.

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