The Database Mapping Ancient Athens is operating

Dipylon, Society for the Study of Ancient Topography, has promoted the execution of the ambitious Mapping Ancient Athens project, the results of which can be consulted openly on the Internet. It is a Database that collects, for the first time, 160 years of rescue archaeological excavations carried out in Athens, in an urban area of 6.7 km2, with data from 1,473 excavated sites, 670 plans and 1,400 bibliographical references. Thanks to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and digital technology, it has been possible to create a digital map of Athens were, through different search engines, you can find the typology and chronology of the archaeological remains located in any of these 1,473 rescue excavations, essential to raise the urban and historical evolution of the city. Given its importance for the knowledge of ancient Athens, we have thought it convenient to present this news on our website, as well as congratulate the Greek institutions that have made this project possible.

Free access to Mapping Ancient Athens though tis link:

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