Published the proceedings of the IX International Congress of Phoenician and Punic Studies

The Instituto de Arqueología de Mérida has published number 5 of Mytra. Monografías y Trabajos de Arqueología (IAM, CSIC-Junta de Extremadura, Mérida 2020) which with the title A Journey between East and West in the Mediterranean includes the contributions presented at the IX International Congress of Phoenician and Punic Studies, held in Mérida between on October 22 and 26, 2018. These Congress proceedings are presented in four volumes that reach almost 2000 pages and are structured in various thematic blocks that allow to know the most recent research on the Phoenician and Punic cultures. For their theme related to Greek archaeology, we want to point out the article by Antonio M. Sáez Romero, Tatiana Theodoropoulou and Ricardo Belizón, “Atunes púnicos y vinos egeos en una taberna de la Grecia clásica. Resultados iniciales del Corinth Punic Amphora Building Project” (pp. 817-835), which collects the results of this research project developed in Corinth by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens and the Universidad de Sevilla since 2014.

Congratulations from Ibera Graeca Centre to the Instituto de Arqueología de Mérida and to the editors of the Proceedings, Sebastián Celestino and Esther Rodríguez, for the enormous effort made and for the quality of the edition.

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