Published the book La cerámica ática y su historiografía

The book La cerámica ática y su historiografia by Diana Rodríguez Pérez and Thomas Mannack, in the Classica Instrumenta-Monografias de História de Arte e Arqueologia de la Universidade de Coimbra Serie, has been published, which includes the translation into Spanish of three chapters of the publication Beazley and Christ Church. 250 Years of Scholarship on Greek Vases edited in 2016 by the Christ Church College of University of Oxford (“El estudio de los vasos griegos antes de Beazley”, “Sir John Beazley” and “El estudio de los vasos griegos después de Beazley”). With they, a new synthesis chapter is published on the history of Attic Vases from the sixth to the fourth century BC. C and a very useful general bibliography on this pottery production.

The book can be downloaded for free at this link from the University of Coimbra:

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