Published an interesting paper on the lasting of Attic pottery in Iberian Culture

On September 15, in the FirstWiew Articles mode, the article by Dr Diana Rodríguez Pérez “Old Cups Die Hard: The Appropriation of Athenian Pottery in the Iberian Peninsula” has been published online in The Journal of Hellenic Studies (Cambridge University Press) (doi: 10.1017/S0075426921000094). The author analyzes the survival of the Attic pottery red-figures and black-glass in archaeological contexts (basically funerary) long after the dates of their production in Attic workshops and of their marketing in the Iberian Peninsula. Some of these objects can be found intact more than 300 years later in Iberian grave goods, as is the case with the six Attic red-figure kraters, dated circa 370 BC, which appeared in a tomb of prince from the first half of the 1st century BC in the Iberian necropolis of Piquía (Arjona, Jaén). The paper analyzes the causes of this phenomenon and its social, political and ideological significance within Iberian society.

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