La Fonteta 3. Las importaciones griegas e itálicas y su contexto mediterráneo

The Universitat d’Alacant has just published the monograph La Fonteta 3. Las importaciones griegas e itálicas y su contexto mediterráneo, within the new stage of the Studia Hispano-Phoenicia series (number 10). The book presents the exhaustive study of the Etruscan and Greek materials documented in the Phoenician settlement of La Fonteta (Guardamar del Segura, Alacant) throughout the 8th-6th centuries BC. It is structured in five blocks that include various articles in which different Spanish and Italian researchers have participated. The blocks are: a general introduction to La Fonteta and its imports; the emporic trade in the West (1000-550 BC), which includes works on the emporia of Huelva, Cádiz and Málaga; Greek pottery productions (Protocorinthian, Corinthian, Ionian or Attic tableware with SOS type Attic, Quios, Corinth, Samos and Clazomenae amphorae); Italic pottery productions (bucchero nero, amphorae and metals Etruscan); and La Fonteta and its Greek an Italic imports, where the conclusions, two inscriptions (one Phoenician and other Etruscan), the results of the archaeometric analyzes carried out on some of the pottery studied and the bibliography are presented.

Doctors Alberto L. Lorrio, Raimon Graells and Mariano Torres acted as editors of the monograph, to whom we congratulate them for this excellent publication, as well as all the authors who have participated.

The book will be presented next Tuesday, February 6, at 7 p. m., in the Altamira Room at the headquarters of the Universitat d’Alacant in the city of Alacant (C/ Ramon y Cajal, nº 4).

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